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Treatment results - Pancreas

Cumulative survival rate for pancreatic cancer

In many cases, pancreatic cancer is already advanced when diagnosed, and it is therefore a type of cancer with poor prognosis. If the cancer is inoperable most patients die within a year, and no cases of three-year survival have been reported. There have also, unfortunately, been no cases of complete cure using anti-cancer drugs and radiotherapy, and so surgery is the highest priority in cases where resection is considered possible (This is also true of data from throughout Japan).

Histological stage and cumulative survival rates

This graph shows the histological stage and survival rate for pancreatic cancers resectioned during surgery. The further the condition advances, the worse the prognosis becomes, indicating the importance of early detection. Furthermore, our treatment results are equivalent to around 10,000 surgical cases treated at leading pancreatic cancer treatment facilities.

Adjuvant chemotherapy in advanced pancreatic cancer

Even having undergone surgery, there is a marked difference in one-year survival rates depending on whether or not you undertake further subsequent treatment. We will propose a range of treatment methods for you subsequent to surgery.